Empowered by compassion & empathy, I help highly sensitive people


professionally, physically, and mentally

Work  with  me :


  • A complete Day  (approx. 8 hours) private 1:1 coaching 

  • Individual case evaluation, assessment and short-term goal setting
  • Unblock what prevented you from reaching your goals
  • Get rid of your limiting beliefs
  • Remove mental and emotional blocks.
  • I develop a mini strategy success map for you
  • Take a self-inventory with my guidance 

  • Learn how to create awareness and gain new perspectives 

  • Learn about the importance of cultivating kindness towards yourself 

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of self-investment

  • Fully online over WhatsApp chat or e-mail conversation


  • 3 month private 1:1 coaching with me
  • Individual case evaluation, assessment and long-term goal setting
  • If you like it, we can do 12x 30-minute video call coaching sessions, otherwise via text over WhatsApp
  • Chat or email reminders for your next steps 

  • Unblock what prevented you from reaching your goals

  • Personalized worksheets, materials, and resources to support your transformation. 

  • Reclaim your power and find the clarity needed to continue becoming your best self  
  • Master the art of Reinvention and bloom again with my guidance  

  • Fully online over whatsapp, video call, SMS or e-mail conversation; I answer all of your questions within 12 hours, usually much faster